Vault Inu
2 min readJan 9, 2022

🐶 Vault Inu | $VINU 🐶

What is Vault Inu ?

Vault Inu $VINU is a new token that’s focused on generating passive income. The token will be investing in Blue chip NFTs, stablecoin staking, and medium to large altcoins.

Project & Ecosystem

One of the main issues cryptocurrency projects face is the lack of longterm volume; which invariably slows down further development and any subsequent reinvestment into enhancing the project. Vault Inu ($VINU) solves this by investing a percentage of the marketing wallet into yield bearing assets; with profits generated inherently reintroduced back into the project in the form of marketing, token buy backs etc. Thereby increasing the profile of the project and attracting new investors.

What is Different Vault Inu with another token ?

However, what makes Vault Inu $VINU really different is that it will also generate revenues for its holders through the fractionalization and distribution of NFTs to its top holders and through the acquisition of nodes that will allow for continuous revenue generation to be funneled back into Vault Inu $VINU Holders .



• 2% Reflection
• 3% Liquidity Pool
• 4% Treasury
• 5% Marketing

Total Transaction fee 14%


• 1% Auto Burn
• 2% Reflection
• 3% Liquidity Pool
• 4% Treasury
• 5% Marketing

Total Transaction fee 15%


• Research & Development Product
• Deploy Website
• Audit
• Deploy Smart-Contract
• Fair Launch on Pancakeswap
• Marketing Rollout
• BSCscan, CoinMarketCap & CoinGecko listings
• NFTs Fractionalization & Nodes Acquisition
• Whitepaper realese
• Website V2.0 Release
• Release dashboard to monitor the treasury and investments


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Vault Inu

Everyone's favorite Dog, $VINU. A hyper deflationary token with investments in blue chip NFTs, Stable stacking & Medium Large altcoin for an extra BOOST!!